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The Value of the Right Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and muscle. All the physiological processes relating to sport – energy, recovery, muscle growth, strength gains, and fat loss – are all tied to amino acids. If you want to gain muscular strength you need to take in adequate amino acids to build that muscle. That's where PEAC comes in. PEAC is a propriety blend of crystalline free form amino acids. These amino acids do not need to undergo complex digestion and are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and quickly made available to the cells. PEAC has no fat or any calories beyond those of the amino acids themselves. This makes PEAC and ideal pre- and post-workout supplement for those who want to build a strong and lean physique.




L-GLUTAMINE: After exercise your body’s need for glutamine increases. Without adequate amounts of it the body tends to break down muscle to get it. This is less than ideal when muscle building is the goal. The glutamine in PEAC can supplement the body's needs and protect the muscles. Glutamine is also essential for the immune system. It is used to produce a powerful antioxidant called glutathione. Glutamine has also been shown to increase hydration of muscle cells. Proper hydration signals the building up (anabolic) functions of the muscle cell. This effect is present as long as glutamine remains in the muscle cell, but diminishes and can lead to muscle-wasting when it's not present in sufficient amounts. There is, however a caution here. Excessive glutamine supplementation can provoke the liver to dump glutamine in an attempt to maintain balance. Large amounts of glutamine can block receptor sites for other important amino acids, which is why PEAC has been formulated to contain an ideal amount of glutamine balanced with other amino acids to minimise this "overdose" kind of effect. 
L-ARGININE: The vital functions of arginine, including protein synthesis, cannot be left to chance. Research shows that arginine provides heart protection and also contributes to the production of creatine in the body. Creatine is an energy source for our muscles that enhances strength and endurance. Research has also investigated arginine’s benefit to the immune system and its role in wound repair. After an injury, the body may not have sufficient arginine to meet demand. This extends the value of peak to hurt athletes who can potentially reduce the rate of muscle loss while resting and recovering from injury.