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TWB's overarching wellness mission is to provide safe and effective health, weight, and performance solutions for people who want to do things well. 

Our product range is all-natural, low calorie and vegan friendly.



The Wellness Brothers creates products that add quality and convenience to the way you live in pursuit of your goals. A balanced approached combining performance, wellness, weightloss and knowledge provide you with the motivation needed to change the way you live your life. 



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"I have been using the new fitness fuel  (pre and post shakes) for some time now and I would highly recommend them to any individual, looking to not only put in the best natural products into their body, but to also supplement the hard work and sweat they exert to get great results and a healthy strong body".

- Neil V


"An instrumental component in athlete performance. With over ten years of training, no supplement like PEAC provides the tools for physical preparation and enhanced performance. Unlike other amino acids on the market, no synthetics, only natural ingredients. I wouldn't train without PEAC". 

- Mike O


"Over the past 7 years I have tested and used a few amino acid and protein powder product on the market with little to no results. I am Diabetic and most products do not agree or spike my insulin levels. The past 9 months I have been using PEAC and Post in conjunction with my own training and gained 10lbs muscle mass and dropped in body fat. I have seen great results while coaching some of my athletes and the PRs/results are a testament to the quality of these products."

- Wayne T